Town Of Mercer

Incorporated 1804

Town Clerk

Nancy Gove, Term expires 22' (effective 7/23/2020)

Deputy Town Clerk

None at this time

Office Assistant

Tammy Lamphere

Town Clerk Office Hours

Wed 8 am - 6 pm

Phone: 207-587-2911

Fax: 207-587-2912

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

You can purchase Hunting & Fishing Licenses online on the I,F & W Website if you can't make it into the office during regular business hours, click the link below. Have your MOSES ID # from your previous License.

ATV & Snowmobile Registrations

You can Purchase ATV & Snowmobile Registrations online on the

I, F & W Website if you can't make it into the office during regular business hours, click on the link below. Have your Registration # from your previous Registration.

Births, Deaths, and Marriages

Recording Vital Statistics is the process of collecting data of all births, deaths and marriages that occur in the municipality, or involve its residents, so that the permanent records may be preserved. State law requires hospitals, physicians, funeral directors, ministers, notary publics, and others to complete certificates of all marriages, births and deaths in our municipality and file them with the Municipal Clerk promptly


Effective July 12, 2010, the law preventing fraudulent use of vital records went into effect.  Maine's law requires a person requesting a copy of birth records less than 75 years old, marriage records less than 50 years old, and death records less than 25 years old to provide documentation establishing their direct and legitimate interest in the records.  Please click on the links below for more specific information on obtaining these vital records.

The Maine Office of Vital Records does not permit or allow any records, whether certified or non-certified, to be faxed to any individual, business, or institution. If a person needs a certified record faxed to the airport for travel, that person must contact the Office of Vital Records in Augusta, Maine. Municipal Clerks may not fax certified or non-certified copies of any birth, death, or marriage unless the Office of Vital Records has given authorization to the Clerk.

Maine Office of Vital Records
Department of Health & Human Services
244 Water Street
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Telephone: (207) 287-3181 or Toll free 1-888-664-9491



Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses will be Available for the 2020 year on October 15th

Last Day to get your Dog License for 2020 is Jan 31st.

February 1st is a $25.00 Late fee per dog.

NEW 2019-2020

You may now License your Dog Online at

What you will need:

  • Credit Card
  • License/Tag number (Renewal only)
  • State of Maine Rabies certificate
  • Veterinarian's name and phone number
  • Spay or Neuter Certificate (if your dog has been "fixed")

This service is only available October 15th - January 31st 


M.R.S.A. Title 7 3921-3924 + 3941-3952

As required by State of Maine law, every dog over 6 months of age shall be licensed by its owner in the Town/City where the dog resides prior to December 31st of every year. 

Please bring a certificate of spay/neutering (if applicable), and a current rabies certificate. 

Dog Licensing Fees

  • $6 per year for spayed / neutered dogs
  • $11 per year for dogs not spayed / neutered
  • Per state law, any dog license that is relicensed after January 31 will be subject to         a $25 late fee

Dog licenses can be purchased at the Town Office during regular business hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evening 6 pm - 8 pm, 2nd Sat of the Month 7:30 am - 1 pm

or by Mail:   Send a current State of Maine rabies certificate and (if the dog is “fixed”) proof of spaying/neutering, along with a check to:
Mercer Town Clerk, 1015 Beech Hill Road, Suite A, Mercer Maine 04957

Did you know your dog licensing fees support:
- Local Animal Control Officers and State Humane Agents
- Investigation of animal cruelty complaints & enforcement of animal welfare laws
- Compliance with rabies vaccination of dogs
- Care for sick and injured stray animals
- Return of lost dogs to their owner

Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses - Daytime Hours Only or by appointment, plan 45 mins to 1 hr. (due to the new state procedure) Call 587-2911

Please note: the Town issues marriage licenses, but does not perform wedding 

Marriage Intentions (Lic Application) - BLACK INK only, you may print off and fill out prior to coming in and you must wait to sign each page in the presence of the Clerk. 

Marriage License Info & Requirements
-Valid picture ID  Maine Driver's License/State ID Card or Passport
-Court Certified Divorce Decree of most recent divorce for each applicant (must have raised seal of originating court)
-Proof of Mercer Residency (if not on driver's license; current utility bill, bank statement, paystub, state correspondence)
-Forms require names of both applicants' parents; including both mothers' maiden name, and all parents' state of birth
-Must be present both applicants must appear to sign in presence of the Municipal Clerk (exceptions: incarceration/imminent death)
-Social Security numbers are required on the form
-Must be at least 18 years of age

Marriage License: $40 (Credit/Debit card payments are assessed a processing fee of $1.00)
Marriage Certificate(s) - Issued after ceremony is complete: $15.00; $6.00 for additional copies in same transaction

Where do I obtain a Marriage License? 
  1. If both the members of the couple are residents of the same Town, a marriage license must be obtained in the Town where both of them live. After obtaining a marriage license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  2. If one person resides in one Town, and the other person in another, a marriage license may be obtained from either Town, but not both. Choose where it is most convenient to obtain a certified copy of the marriage at a later date. After obtaining a license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  3. If one person resides in the State of Maine, and the other person outside the State, then a marriage license must be obtained in the Town where the Maine resident lives if they intend to be married in the State of Maine. After obtaining a marriage license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine.
  4. If both the members of the couple live outside the State of Maine, a marriage license can be obtained in any Town in the State of Maine. After obtaining a license, the couple are free to marry anywhere within the State of Maine. It is strongly suggested that the marriage license is obtained in the Town where the marriage will take place so that it will be easy to remember where to apply for a marriage certificate at a later date.
  5. When the Municipal Clerk completes the marriage license, the couple will be given the license along with a packet of information explaining to the person performing the ceremony how to fill out the ceremony section of the marriage license. The marriage license and informational sheets should be presented to the person performing the wedding ceremony (pastor, notary public, etc.). That person is responsible for filling out the ceremony section of the marriage license and obtaining two witness signatures. They are also responsible for mailing the marriage license back to the issuing Municipal Clerk within 7 days of the wedding ceremony.  The couple is not permitted to submit the marriage license to the Municipal Clerk after the wedding ceremony.